Renee, one of our directors here at Gallaway, has always been keenly aware of the gender disparity in the construction industry. Arriving on-site and often being the only woman, she sees firsthand the urgent need to bridge the gender gap and support women aspiring to make a mark in the field.

Women In Construction

Establishing Women In Construction As A Prominent Force

Women in Construction is the embodiment of Renee’s fervour. She is committed to ensuring that every woman, regardless of her background, has an equal shot at forging a career within the industry. Aiming to close the gap from 1% of women on site and only 14% of women in industry white collar positions. Renee has been instrumental in establishing Women in Construction as a prominent force within the sector.

WIC is a community where empowerment and transformation collide. Women in Construction is a dynamic not-for-profit initiative, passionately driving change within the construction industry. We’re here to uplift and empower women from all walks of life, providing invaluable training and resources for those aspiring to thrive in our industry. Our aim is to place 60 women within the industry in our first year, opening closed doors and allowing women an opportunity to thrive in our industry.

With initiatives like the quartile cohorts, sponsored by industry leaders, women are provided opportunities to bolster their CVs and secure roles in the field.

Renee’s mentoring program has been pivotal in empowering women, boosting their confidence, and helping them break through perceived barriers that once held them.

More About Women In Construction

Women on construction site

Empowering Diverse Women

Our reach extends to school leavers, university graduates, mothers making a comeback to the workforce, care leavers, women transitioning from prison, those navigating through menopause, servicewomen, and anyone in need of enlightening career guidance. We are the advocates for change, striving to dismantle glass ceilings and pave the way for equal opportunity, allowing every enthusiast, regardless of gender, to fully immerse in their chosen area.

Fostering Community Growth

Rooted in our profound commitment to community enrichment, we aspire to station ambassadors across various UK regions to fortify our presence and impact. With thriving support in cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Preston, we are steadily advancing our mission to enrich the construction sector with diverse talents and perspectives. Our first cohort will be within the Greater Manchester reach, with hopes to mirror this cohort in Liverpool, Leeds and Preston later in the year.

Leading Change with Unity and Vision

Established to boost the success of all genders in construction, we unite to educate, support, and empower. We ardently promote equality and inclusivity, ensuring that every member experiences unbarred career advancement opportunities. Through training, mentoring, site experience, CSCS training, CITB health and safety, career landscape workshops and much more our members can steer themselves towards the career pathway that suits them.

Collaborative Growth & Career Expansion

In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we are on a relentless pursuit to unveil new career pathways within the industry and propel our members forward in their chosen fields. We aim to be the catalyst for expansion, fostering an environment where members can glean insights, share knowledge, and mutually inspire each other to reach unprecedented heights.

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