Gallaway Social Values

At Gallaway Construction we have a set of social values that are centred around the local community. These include community well-being, inclusivity and support. We have been committed to revitalising essential community spaces.

The restoration of the local parish council’s sports facility is one example. Our partnership with Silverline is another way in which our dedication to our community is apparent. This is based on the support of older individuals, emphasising the importance of human connection. Our sponsoring local sports teams also reflects a belief in the power of sports to unite and strengthen community bonds.

Young girl with hard hat and spirit level

Gallaway Early Talent

Gallaway Construction is dedicated to providing an Early Talent Program designed to introduce and inspire the next generation to career opportunities within the construction industry.

Supervisor man holding hardhat occupation construction worker

Prison Leaver Program

Taking a proactive and socially responsible approach, we are committed to assisting ex-offenders in their rehabilitation journey by providing them with opportunities to gain valuable qualifications.


Women In Construction

Renee, one of our directors here at Gallaway, has always been keenly aware of the gender disparity in the construction industry. Arriving on site and often being the only woman, she sees firsthand the urgent need to bridge the gender gap.

Gallaway BREEAM

We have established a best practice cohort, bringing together expert architects and structural engineers with significant experience in design and Building with Net Zero targets in mind.

By pooling our collective industry knowledge and expertise, we aim not just to support our clients but also to contribute positively to the community and environment. We believe that the journey to Net Zero is smoother and more achievable when we collaborate and work in unison.

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