Project Description

Project: Waste Water Treatment Works, Dry Well Building.
Client: KMI and United Utilities.
Contract Responsibilities: Construction, Project Management.

The Overview

Preston waste water treatment works in part of a £250 million pound project to improve the bathing waters in the North West. Storm water will be cleaned at the sewer network, until it is safe to go back into the rivers and sea.

The Challenge

To construct a 3.5km long 2.85m wide tunnel, situated 30m below ground level to the west of Preston and to include eight tunnel shafts. On completion, the tunnels will hold up to 40 million litres of storm water to prevent overflows into the river Ribble.

Our brief included the production of an evidence-built programme from contemporaneous site records, and a review of KMI’s accepted programmes for robustness and suitability for any delay analysis. We were also required to repair the accepted programme in line with the findings in the review above as well as the need to consider any preparation that may be needed from the impact of the resultant delays with the ground collapse at the terminal pumping station shafts. Having gathered and assessed this information we then drew up a report to identify these delays and calculated the extension of time that would be required by KMI in order to progress through the revised works.

The Solution

The joint venture is a consortium between Kier, Murphy and Interverse. The project is still in progress as part of the United Utilities amp 6.

First image of Preston Tunnels.
Second Image of Preston tunnels.
Image of Preston tunnels.