Project Description

Project: Lime Building
Client: C2V+ and United Utilities
Contract Responsbilities: Design and Build Steel Frame, Cladding, Concrete Security Panels, internal Mezzanine and Finishes and Security Doors and Louvres
Contract Value: £139,000
Programme: 7 weeks

The Overview

The Lime Dosing Building on the Oswestry Water Treatment Works treats raw water from Lake Vyrnwy Reservoir. It provides quality water to a million domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Liverpool and Cheshire.

The new plant design included a new clarification process to improve colour removal from the water, modification to the filtration process, disinfection within a new contact tank using lime water, and a new clearwater tank to provide on-site storage of treated water for use as required.

The Challenge

The largest technical challenge on the building was the requirement to undertake the construction stage of steelwork erection and cladding elements around major excavations and the inclusion of the external tank, all of which were installed before the building commencement. In addition, Gallaway was requested to partially erect the steel frame to enable the client installation of various tanks and equipment into the building through the roof before the Gallaway internal building crane installation.

Gallaway was then required to complete the cladding elements in stages, taking the roof and each elevation as isolated elements to aid the client’s intended M&E programme. Similarly, a series of return and isolated visits were requested for the treatment and closure of penetration enclosures around conveyors and incoming services.

The Solution

The Gallaway programme was largely built around the client programme’s requirements, including their requirements for external works and large underground water storage facilities. Gallaway had to be adaptive to accommodate the changing external conditions while attempting to coordinate with the client regularly to establish their weekly requirements. Bespoke flashing closure details were adopted for the conveyor openings. All of which leads to a complex but good quality end product for our client and United Utilities.