Project Description

Project: Pumping Station.
Client: KMI and United Utilities.
Contract Responsibilities: Construction, Project Management.

The Overview

The Manchester Square pumping station discharges screened foul and surface water sewage from Blackpool into the Irish Sea during periods of storm surge. The existing facility was handed over to United Utilities from Blackpool Council in 1990 and at this time the pumping station ans associated works were not only in a poor state of repair but also visually unattractive. This became apparent when compared to the recent improvements to the promenade, achieved as part of the renewal of the sea defences.

The Challenge

There was an immediate need to ensure that the pumps providing the storm discharges didn’t result in the pressurised chambers under the promenade failing and then leading to the collapse of the public thoroughfare. Temporary remedial works were undertaken by United Utilities which were approved by the council, however, they have not done anything to enhance the overall appearance of the promenade looking obviously industrial and out of place.

The Solution

Gallaway’s involvement in the scheme was to re-clad the existing pump station main building and to construct a new escape hatch building as well as building a single storey extension to infill a corner of the main building to create a garage area. We went on to erect a single storey extension to the seaward elevation of the main building to house the relocated pressure vessel in order to ventilate the site more¬† appropriately than at present. The works were designed to reinforce the building to prevent seawater ingress and increase safety of the operation.

Image of Manchester Square, Backpool.
Second image of Manchester Square, Backpool.
First image of Manchester Square Blackpool.