Project Description

Project: Remedial Mezzanine Floor Works
Client: INX International
Contract Responsibilities: Main Contractor
Contract: JCT Intermediate Works
Project Value: £124,724
Programme: May to June 2020 (During COVID-19 Pandemic)

The Overview

INX International are an American-based company producing inks for the food packaging sector. Their recently constructed warehouse was built to satisfy a desire to expand business in the beer and beverage can markets throughout Europe and the Middle East. It features the most efficient ink-producing equipment for two-piece metal decorating inks.

The new building was constructed to enable INX to install more state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to producing certain colours and provide greater efficiencies regarding production up time and waste elimination. There was a flaw within the construction of the original building in that a mezzanine floor was defective and not specification compliant. As the previous contractor had entered administration, Gallaway was appointed as contractor to undertake reactive remediation of the previous defects, which took place promptly within 3 weeks from the order agreement to commencement of the works on site. Gallaway was appointed to bring the facility up to specification with a fire rating and structural provisions to ensure insurance compliance and enable the facility to operate at increased capacity during the Covid crisis.

After the original contracted works and midway through the original contract period, Gallaway was appointed to undertake additional work to extend the external service yard to offer increased storage capacity for raw materials to enable INX to fulfil increased requirements.

The Challenge

The building consisted of a highly explosive and dust-free environment within the areas of working. Therefore effective temporary screening and ventilation requirements were critical to ensuring the works could take place without environmental contamination risk and to ensure the health and safety requirements were achieved. The works further took place over the existing office spaces, with necessary breaking out of existing mezzanine screed flooring giving rise to potential debris falling into the office ceiling space below or worse, into the offices themselves, and potential damage to the existing precast concrete floor units through the breaking out process.

Added complication existed in that the new structural concrete deck could not contain a damp-proof separation layer between the proposed new slab and the existing precast concrete units, and the risk of water seepage upon installation of the new concreting was possible. Different shift patterns and health and safety considerations, particularly noise and dust, for the existing workforce and the end user product needed to be eliminated. Mitigation of disruption to the business, enabling their shift patterns to continue, limiting disruption, and separating the office workers/limitations of car parking from the construction workers and construction disruption were key to the successful delivery of the project.

The Solution

As Principle Contractor, Gallaway instigated a series of mitigation procedures to overcome the effects of the disruptive nature of the construction works. Gallaway and INX discussed the critical working times within the existing factory, peak working times for staff attendance, and car parking provisions. Further discussions took place around client delivery schedules, vehicular movements, the client-required storage areas and access provisions. The result was Gallaway managed external areas suitable for a dedicated site compound, materials storage bays and external building access for the works. The key importance was for Gallaway operatives to remain separated from the INX workforce with consideration to limit interface and interruption to the INX production but put Covid control measures in place. Gallaway provided site layout plans, exclusion areas, temperature checks, separate welfare provisions, and additional PPE such as face fit masks, handwashing provisions, etc.

The agreement was made to penetrate the external first-floor wall of the building via the removal of external cladding and steelwork to provide their isolated site compound and access provision. Temporary scaffolding and access staircases were installed externally to separate construction movements from the factory, warehouse and offices. In addition, Gallaway installed temporary screening measures around the works area to eliminate dust and introduced positive ventilation pressures to extract construction dust from the building. Night shift and weekend working were utilised to separate the construction works from the peak operations of the factory and warehouse. In adopting night-time working procedures, Gallaway ensured through collaboration with the client that out-of-hours call inspections and dedicated client liaison were in place in the event of necessary hold point inspections. Equally, Gallaway ensured senior members of management were on call to resolve any necessary factors during all night-time working.

Gallaway utilised inspection test plans and records as standard by all projects. However, on this project, Gallaway introduced additional hold points and checking procedures to ensure dust, vibration and noise pollution were monitored regularly as early indicators of potential problems, allowing additional measures if required. Risk assessments and method statements, as standard, consider plant and equipment which limit dust, noise and vibration to a minimum to protect the environment of all stakeholders but to limit welfare/health and safety exposures of workers to HAVS, dust inhalation, noise and general personal protection.

INX Warehouse Space
INX International Building
INX Work In Progress