Project Description

Project: Drainage and Service Enabling Works, Public Access Formation and Security Works.
Client: ESB Ireland.
Contract Responsibilities: Principal Contractor.
Contract: Client Bespoke Contract.
Contract Value: £130,000.
Programme: June 2018 for 8 Weeks.

The Overview

Carrington Power Station is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station, which was completed in Autumn 2016 and began commercial operation on 18 September 2016.

It is located on the site of a former coal-fired power station, close to the villages of Carrington and Partington in the Greater Manchester Area and 12 km southwest of Manchester City Centre. The Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey run alongside the site. Because the station’s site was surrounded by water on two sides, its strata is variable and so all of the buildings’ foundations were piled.

Approximately 7,850 piles were made, all of reinforced concrete construction, with an average length of 30 feet (9.1 m) and with a load of 50 tonnes per pile also due to the presence of the original Barton Power Station ground consists of high risk asbestos in various areas.

The new station constructed for £500 million, which is capable of generating 884MW of electricity (at a 58% efficiency rate); enough power to supply a million homes. Irish utility company ESB Group purchased an 85% stake in the project from Carlton Power in September 2008. The station is also a combined heat and power plant, capable of providing nearby businesses with steam, if they require a supply.

Gallaway Construction Limited were contracted as Principle Contractor to ESB Group to design, manage and construct a new car park, footpaths and fencelines to an area within the existing power station site for provision of contractor a visitor parking. The area of contaminated land inclusive of asbestos based materials required necessary surveys and inclusion of remediation as part of the construction works following the provision of the Pre-Construction and Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans

The Challenge

The area of working on a live power station brought around its own challenges with working around other trades and operatives within the Power Station, in addition to those of course raised by the high risk nature of the existing ground conditions, namely due to the known presence of high levels of high risk asbestos from the existing building, which were demolished and originally left as contaminants on the proposed new site of the power station.

The Solution

Gallaway co-ordinated with the client ESB energy to a high level of detail to cross check the existing records of contaminated ground and service records. In addition, geotechnical and asbestos sampling took place to ensure the nature of the subsoils prior to commencement of the works. Precontract and Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans were amended as were the RAMS to ensure all parties co-ordinated the works as necessary.

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