Project Description

Project: Security Enabling Works and External Civil Engineering.
Client: ESB Ireland.
Contract Responsibilities: Principal Contractor.
Contract: Client Bespoke Contract.
Contract Value: £18,000.
Programme: September 2018 for 4 weeks.

The Overview

Gallaway Construction Limited were contracted as Principle Contractor to design, manage and construct enabling works for security provisions and new pedestrian accessed car park around an existing high-pressure mains gas facility site. The site is in a controlled area which is under the remit of National Power and provides gas supplies to the newly developed Carrington Combined-Cycle Power Plant (CCPP), using natural gas to generate 884MW of electricity. The CCPP uses both a gas and a steam turbine together, to produce up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel than a traditional simple-cycle plant. The waste heat from the gas turbine is routed to the nearby steam turbine, which generates additional power. Carrington consists of two CCPP KA26-1 units. At operating design conditions, each CCPP unit generates 442.3 MW net output. The station generates enough power to meet the electricity needs of one million homes around the Greater Manchester region.

The Challenge

The site conditions were as such that the working areas was sensitive from both a security viewpoint and, due to restricted working access, with all contractors vetted, movements monitored and a high security presence. The site consisted of restricted space, in particular around the existing live high-pressure gas pipelines and areas around existing structures.

The Solution

Gallaway co-ordinated between the client ESB Energy and National Grid to ensure the scope of the works and location of existing services, sensitive elements of the site and the do’s and don’ts were clearly explained prior to commencements of any paperwork let alone live works on site. Gallaway completed both the Pretender and Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans and issued the RAMS to both National Grid and ESB Group for checking and approvals prior to inducting all operatives onto the proposed site with the provision of permits to works and highly specific tool box talks. After careful consideration of the existing asset drawings, site setting out after CAT scanning and planning the works. Works were still completed with hand excavations and the removal of spoil from the compound areas by hand. Excavations under fencing for outcoming CCTV and ducting were completed within the day shift to maintain security provision.

Image of Carrington Gas Facility.
Image of Carrington Gas Facility.
Carrington Gas Facility
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