Project Description

Project: GIS Substation
Client: J Murphy & Sons Ltd
Contract: NEC 3 Option A
Project Value: £151,594.00
Programme: October to December 2020

The Overview

Barking GIS Substation is Power Station which involved Murphys being contracted to to deliver a brand design and build new electricity substation in Barking, East London. The project was to build a new 132,000 volt substation next to an existing National Grid site included installation of a new steel framed building with new cables to connect the National Power Network.

The new substation will be operated by National Grid to secure power supplies for homes and buisness withn the proximety of the surrounding area.

The new building involved the design and construction of a new 20-bay gas insulated switchgear (GIS Substation) to replace, reinforce and additional resillence to the local network.

The whole site will be completed by February 2023 and once completed the substation will form a key part of the local electricity infrastructure which will be integral to the regeneration to the Barking and Thames river areas in the future.

The Challenge

Gallaway Construction were contracted to undertake various elements within the building once fully constructed and on a live site with other contractors. The works included supplying and installing louvres, windows, internal timber fire doors and flashings to the glass windows.

The main challenge was working in and around a live building which was nearing its target “live power on” date thus resulting in an extremely tight programme with very short lead in periods. Access on this building was a particular challenge due to external works still being undertaken and bespoke internal equipment in the proximity of the working areas. Another challenge was to work with National Grid with their extremely tight programme and key completion dates.

The Solution

Gallaway Construction arranged for bespoke access plant to overcome the various internal and external access issues and specialised glass lifting equipment for the glass panes. The window frames were installed to pre-formed openings and to allow other works to be completed by National Grid with the glass panes then being installed on separate visits.The louvres had to be installed around equipment protruding the building which were undertaken with skilled labour on site to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the louvres.

For the internal timber doors these had their own bespoke installation programme to ensure that individual key dates were achieved via live programming and a dedicated resource team on site working to the agreed sequencing. Unplanned National Grid Shutdown threatened to affect the programme however, due to Gallaway reactiveness to review & revise the programme resource was remobilised in other areas to mitigate any overall programme completion date delay.

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