Supporting Ex-Offenders: Building Structures and Rebuilding Lives

At Gallaway Construction, we’re deeply committed to societal rehabilitation.

Our Director, Renee Preston, spearheads our initiative by conducting monthly training sessions at HMP Forest Bank prison. These sessions are meticulously designed to equip ex-offenders with industry-specific skills, encompassing interview training and mock interviews.

Our Belief

Hard hat on table on top of construction plans

Our belief in offering second chances has translated into the successful employment of ex-offenders on various construction projects. Our approach transcends the realm of brick and mortar; we’re on a mission to reconstruct lives.

By fostering a supportive environment, we believe in the transformative power of education and employment to break the cycle of re-offending.

Realising Their Potential

At Gallaway Construction, we recognise the potential within every individual and understand the positive impact that a skilled and diverse workforce can have on the construction industry. By actively engaging with ex-offenders, we aim to not only fill the impending labour shortages but also contribute to the goal of rehabilitation and reintegration.

Construction Trainees

Building Brighter Futures

Currently, at our Oldham site, two prison leavers have been showcasing their commitment and skills over the past three months. Initially brought onboard as labourers—thanks to the CSCS cards they secured during their time in prison—they have proven their mettle. Our Site Manager, John Belshaw, aptly encapsulates the sentiment, stating, “They’ve integrated seamlessly and have become invaluable members of our team.”

Construction is not just constructing buildings; we are building pathways to success and empowerment for all.