Home Bargains Refurbishments

Project Description

Project: Alfreton Store
Client: Home Bargains & Richard Jackson Ltd
Contract: Bespoke agreement
Project Value: £256,000
Programme: 12 weeks

The Overview

Our regular client has an existing store building in the town centre of Alfreton, Derbyshire which has had problems with water ingress from the car park which sits on top of the building. The ingress was beginning to affect the store building below. The consideration initially was to provide a new waterproof deck to form a new reusable car park on top of the store building. However, later the client decided to utilize the car park with a new covering to form a roof over the store.

The Challenge

The store needed to remain fully operational during this complex project. Therefore, solutions are needed to work around store opening and delivery hours and with particular regard to staff and members of the general public through our work interfaces. Also, to accommodate continuing deliveries in retaining access and ramps.

Using their knowledge of the performance requirements, Gallaway shortlisted from their extensive supply chain several technical departments from roof membrane and painting system providers list to discuss the technical challenges of the bespoke project. Gallaway offered several specifications and cost options to the client to obtain the best value.

The Solution

The final scope provided the most workable solution offering the best value and long-term warranties. The works considered the removal of existing car park deck finishes, replacing drainage including a new drainage system for surface water and various concrete repairs throughout. Gallaway worked shift patterns and introduced dual supervision during the day, evening, and weekends to ensure the store remained watertight at all stages of the works.

Barking Sub Station

Project Description

The Overview

Project: GIS Substation
Contract: NEC 3 Option A
Project Value: £151,594.00
Programme: October to December 2020

Barking GIS Substation is Power Station. The project was to build a new 132,000-volt substation next to an existing National Grid site, including installing a new steel-framed building with new cables to connect the National Power Network.

National Grid will operate the new substation to secure power supplies for homes and businesses within the surrounding area. The new building involved designing and constructing a new 20-bay gas-insulated switchgear (GIS Substation) to replace, reinforce, and add resilience to the local network.

The whole site will be completed by February 2023, and the substation will form a key part of the local electricity infrastructure, which will be integral to the regeneration of the Barking and Thames river areas.

The Challenge

Gallaway Construction was contracted to undertake various elements within the building once fully constructed and on a live site with other contractors. The works included supplying and installing louvres, windows, internal timber fire doors and flashings to the glass windows.

The main challenge was working in and around a live building nearing its target “live power on” date, thus resulting in an extremely tight programme with very short lead-in periods. Access to this building was a challenge due to external works still being undertaken and bespoke internal equipment in the working areas. Another challenge was to work with National Grid with their extremely tight programme and key completion dates.

The Solution

Gallaway Construction arranged for a bespoke access plant to overcome the various internal and external access issues and specialised glass lifting equipment for the glass panes. The window frames were installed to pre-formed openings and allow other works to be completed by National Grid with the glass panes and then installed on separate visits. The louvres were installed around equipment protruding from the building, which was undertaken with skilled labour to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the louvres.

The internal timber doors had their bespoke installation programme to ensure that individual key dates were achieved via live programming and a dedicated resource team on site working to the agreed sequencing. Unplanned National Grid Shutdown threatened to affect the programme. However, due to Gallaway’s reactiveness to review and revise the programme, a resource was remobilised in areas to mitigate any overall programme completion date delay.

Further details of this project may be found at https://www.murphygroup.com/news/murphyawarded-substation-contract-by-national-grid

Blackburn Diocese Extension

Project Description

Project: Extension
Client: Blackburn Diocese.
Project Value: £120,000
Programme 10 weeks duration

The Overview

The works consisted of the extensions and alterations to the existing church to provide additional community spaces in the form of a double-storey building to the existing gable end of Grade II listed church.

The form of the building was of a traditional build from concrete strip foundations and masonry cavity wall construction finished with pebble dash render.

On the roof, a match for the existing roof slate was found with the introduction of conservation roof lights.

Internally there were timber floors, internal plastered walls, a timber staircase, a kitchen and WC fit-outs.

The Challenge

There were several considerable challenges on the project, firstly with the graded listing of the building and the requirements to ensure adherence with any planning conditions.

Secondly, there was the probability of encountering graves within the location of the building footprint which was founded. Therefore, Gallaway had to ensure the correct processes were followed regarding notifications to the Department of Constitutional Affairs, now the Ministry of Justice.

Gallaway completed the exhumations in full consultation with the necessary regulatory authorities and the Diocese of Blackburn to enable the works to continue. Further, of course, ensuring the highest standards of decency and respect along with clear consultation and support for the operatives and management undertaking the works.

The Solution

Communication was key to the project between Gallaway, the Diocese and the regulatory authorities to ensure bereaved families, parishioners, residents etc., were all consulted correctly.

Outside of the significant complications through the exhumations, the project remained, throughout its duration, open to interest and the building needed to remain open for church services to continue.

Cleanliness of the site, respect and integrity remained a major consideration, and the Gallaway team performed to the highest standards expected of them.