Image of Ian a member of the Gallaway team.

Ian Preston

Company Director at Gallaway

Starting as a Trainee QS, Ian Preston showcased an impressive trajectory in his career, advancing to QS and then Senior QS within just 7 years. Over this period, he cultivated deep expertise across an array of sectors, from healthcare and leisure to public sector engagements and residential projects.

Ian’s passion for hands-on work and sectoral diversity was evident, but he always possessed an underlying desire to spearhead his own venture. This aspiration materialized in 2002. Two decades on, under Ian’s steadfast leadership, Gallaway has successfully steered through numerous challenges. A testament to this resilience is how the company adeptly managed the repercussions of the Carillion collapse. This unyielding dedication in challenging times fortified and enriched Gallaway’s enduring relationships across its nationwide supply chain. Evolving from its modest inception in a garage office, Gallaway has burgeoned into a recognized national contractor, undertaking ambitious projects, some with budgets nearing £4 million. This transformation stands as a proud hallmark of the company’s journey and Ian’s visionary leadership.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ian’s familial bonds have been pivotal. With his wife actively involved in Gallaway and together raising their two cherished children, it’s evident that family forms both a solid foundation and an impetus for Ian’s drive.

For Ian, the allure of the construction industry transcends mere infrastructural development. It encapsulates the diverse challenges it poses, its invigorating pace, and most notably, the relationships forged. The sense of teamwork, aligned aspirations, and mutual appreciation underscore what makes this industry exceptionally rewarding for him.

Renee Preston

Operations Director

Renee executes the company’s strategic plans, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of various departments. Hailing originally from a marketing realm and showcasing an entrepreneurial spirit, Renee successfully founded and spearheaded multiple businesses. Recognising her unique talents, her husband, Ian, saw an invaluable addition for Gallaway in Renee and swiftly invited her to infuse her distinct perspective into the company, her influence is palpable.

Renee plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and success. Her primary focus is on promoting, generating, and converting a diverse range of construction projects aligned with Gallaway’s current Business Plan. In doing so, she engage with clients, stakeholders, and her supply chain throughout the tender process and beyond, nurturing and strengthening relationships.

She emphasises operational excellence, resource management, and cross-departmental collaboration. Her leadership is instrumental in steering Gallaway towards consistent growth and success.

Ian and Renee form a formidable duo. Their collaborative approach to leadership ensures mutual accountability and keeps them grounded. Both are fervently passionate about spearheading change in the construction industry and are always eager to adopt and adapt innovative processes for future projects. They believe that their involvement across varied sectors adds a layer of excitement and challenge to each project, ensuring that no two ventures are ever the same.