Gallaway Construction is dedicated to providing an Early Talent Program designed to introduce and inspire the next generation to career opportunities within the construction industry. With a projected shortage of tradespeople in the coming decade, we aim to bridge the gap between education and career choices. Our program spans from primary school to post-graduate levels and offers a comprehensive range of activities and opportunities.

1. Primary School Engagement:

Young girl with hard hat and spirit level

Introduction to Construction:

We offer interactive sessions in primary schools to introduce students to the construction industry. Topics include basic construction concepts, materials used in building, and the types of machinery and equipment employed in construction projects.

2. Secondary School and College Program:

College students learning about construction

12-Week Program:

We provide a 12-week program tailored for secondary school and college students. The program covers a range of topics, including different career choices within the construction industry, our approach to achieving net zero, and hands-on workshops that showcase various construction skills. We also offer career advice and guidance to help students make informed decisions.

Work Experience:

Each year, we select four students for work experience placements within our company. This provides firsthand exposure to the construction industry and allows students to observe and participate in various construction activities under the guidance of experienced professionals.

3. University Programs:

Sam Eccleston is one of our estimators here at Gallaway and is a direct result of our early talent engagement with Salford University


Site Manager Apprenticeships:

We offer apprenticeship programs for university students interested in pursuing a career as a site manager. These apprenticeships provide practical training and mentorship opportunities to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in construction project management.

QS Apprenticeships:

We provide apprenticeship opportunities for students interested in Quantity Surveying (QS). These programs offer hands-on experience in cost estimation, project budgeting, and contract management, fostering the development of future QS professionals. We work closely with Salford University and have placed 9 Salford QS degree graduates to date.

Office Manager and Marketing Apprenticeships:

We offer apprenticeships in office management and marketing roles, providing students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in these areas within the construction industry.

4. Collaboration with Councils and Apprenticeship Programs:

Girl taking instruction from builder

Collaboration with Councils:

We collaborate with Manchester, Salford, Trafford and Warrington councils offering training programs and apprenticeship placements. This collaboration enables us to connect students with valuable training opportunities and secure apprenticeships in labor roles, facilitating their entry into the construction industry.

5. Industry Contributions:

Community projects

Pride in Our Contributions:

We take pride in our contributions to the construction industry and actively promote the positive impact of construction on society. We are part of the Build Salford campaign, meeting quarterly with our peers and the council to ensure employment within this region, We engage in Salford University industry round table events,  contribute to CIOB, FNB,  and participate in community initiatives to raise awareness of career opportunities and the importance of sustainable construction practices.

By implementing this Early Talent Program, Gallaway Construction aims to inspire and equip the next generation with the necessary knowledge, skills, and opportunities to pursue successful careers in the construction industry while fostering a commitment to sustainable practices and net zero goals.

Sam Eccleston is one of our estimators here at Gallaway and is a direct result of our early talent engagement with Salford University