At Gallaway, we prioritise environmental advancement towards a Net Zero future. We recognise the potential and the importance of “BREEAM” – “Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology” – and we incorporated its best practices to deliver optimal results for our clients and the communities in which we operate.

We have established a best practice cohort, bringing together expert architects and structural engineers with significant experience in design and Building with Net Zero targets in mind.

By pooling our collective industry knowledge and expertise, we aim to support our clients and to contribute positively to the community and environment. We believe the journey to Net Zero is smoother and more achievable when we collaborate and work in unison.

Energy Audit

We perform comprehensive audits of existing structures to evaluate factors like age, fabric, and heating source. This helps in determining their energy profiles and understanding their consumption patterns.

Decarbonisation Plan

With our specialised consultant team, we devise a comprehensive sustainability blueprint. This report distinguishes between energy-intensive buildings and those that offer easier, immediate energy-saving opportunities. Our plan is forward-looking, proposing solutions like building retrofits and adoption of renewable energy sources. Furthermore, our high-level cost consultant analysis offers insights into potential expenses and savings, aiding in budget formulation.

Retrofit Plan

Implementing change can be overwhelming. Our approach breaks it down into manageable steps, tailored to each institution’s unique needs and budgets. This plan is designed with a long-term vision in mind, ensuring continuity and strategic alignment.

Reducing Embodied Carbon

We advocate for making the most of what’s already built. By retrofitting existing buildings, we can diminish waste, cut project costs, and lower the carbon footprint. Each structure is evaluated individually, often in consultation with a structural engineer.

Improving the Fabric

Enhancing the fabric of buildings plays a pivotal role in conserving energy. Upgrades in roofs, walls, windows, and floors can markedly reduce energy requirements.

Harnessing Renewable Energy

Institutions can realise dual benefits – lowered operational costs and reduced energy bills – by generating renewable energy on-site. For optimal results, this strategy should be part of an all-encompassing building upgrade.

We are proud to offer these services to all our clients and support all our subcontractors in making changes to support our journey to ensure that together, we make strides towards a sustainable and Net Zero future.

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