Ian and Renee form a formidable duo. Their collaborative approach to leadership ensures mutual accountability and keeps them grounded. Both are fervently passionate about spearheading change in the construction industry and are always eager to adopt and adapt innovative processes for future projects. They believe that their involvement across varied sectors adds a layer of excitement and challenge to each project, ensuring that no two ventures are ever the same.

Ian Preston

Company director at Gallaway

Starting as a Trainee QS, Ian Preston showcased an impressive trajectory in his career, advancing to QS and then Senior QS within just 7 years. Over this period, he cultivated deep expertise across an array of sectors, from healthcare and leisure to public sector engagements and residential projects.

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Ian’s passion for hands-on work and sectoral diversity was evident, but he always possessed an underlying desire to spearhead his own venture. This aspiration materialized in 2002. Two decades on, under Ian’s steadfast leadership, Gallaway has successfully steered through numerous challenges. A testament to this resilience is how the company adeptly managed the repercussions of the Carillion collapse. This unyielding dedication in challenging times fortified and enriched Gallaway’s enduring relationships across its nationwide supply chain. Evolving from its modest inception in a garage office, Gallaway has burgeoned into a recognized national contractor, undertaking ambitious projects, some with budgets nearing £4 million. This transformation stands as a proud hallmark of the company’s journey and Ian’s visionary leadership.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ian’s familial bonds have been pivotal. With his wife actively involved in Gallaway and together raising their two cherished children, it’s evident that family forms both a solid foundation and an impetus for Ian’s drive.

For Ian, the allure of the construction industry transcends mere infrastructural development. It encapsulates the diverse challenges it poses, its invigorating pace, and most notably, the relationships forged. The sense of teamwork, aligned aspirations, and mutual appreciation underscore what makes this industry exceptionally rewarding for him.

Renee Preston

Operations director

Renee executes the company’s strategic plans, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of various departments. Hailing originally from a marketing realm and showcasing an entrepreneurial spirit, Renee successfully founded and spearheaded multiple businesses.

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Recognising her unique talents, her husband, Ian, saw an invaluable addition for Gallaway in Renee and swiftly invited her to infuse her distinct perspective into the company, her influence is palpable.

Renee plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and success. Her primary focus is on promoting, generating, and converting a diverse range of construction projects aligned with Gallaway’s current Business Plan. In doing so, she engage with clients, stakeholders, and her supply chain throughout the tender process and beyond, nurturing and strengthening relationships.

She emphasises operational excellence, resource management, and cross-departmental collaboration. Her leadership is instrumental in steering Gallaway towards consistent growth and success.

How Do We Engage

To work well with our clients, we must understand what they want through programming priorities through the build process and from the finished build. This will be quite different for each client and also for each project. To achieve this, it is key to maintain a clear and concise flow of communication both between ourselves and our client. However, also any third parties who may also be involved. We recognise that the way one client works will be different to another, and to maintain a positive, it’s essential to be clear and open throughout the process and learn and adapt from each completed project. We welcome visits from our clients to meet our staff and engage in understanding our value offering. Indeed. Some of them have carried out sub-contract audits at our offices and are proud of our record systems and ethos. We can maintain positive ongoing relationships by adopting an honest and genuine approach to our dealings with clients and sub-contractors.

What We Do

It’s important to understand what our clients are looking for. In doing so, we believe in being involved in the whole build process as early as possible. We can offer design solutions and perhaps alterations to the original scope. Offering advice on buildability and specialist contractors. As such, we offer value engineering in a systematic and planned approach to provide the project at the lowest cost without impacting functionality.

Our approach is recognised externally through governing bodies, including Quality certification to BSI: ISO 9001, and we are also proud to have an excellent Health and Safety record, which the BSI underpins: ISO 45001 Health and Safety and BSI: ISO 14001 Environmental certification, as well as several industries recognised accreditations including Achilles UVDB and Constructionline Gold.

To maintain and further improve our service, we have a loyal, highly skilled and committed team of employees who work in an environment where continuing professional development is encouraged and supports our company’s further growth and expansion. In addition, we have a dedicated and skilled team of sub-contractors who have completed thorough Pre-Qualification assessments before being accepted onto our supply chain. Post-project reviews are also carried out to ensure their ongoing suitability and commitment.

By investing time and resources in our dealings with our clients, all stakeholders can work together and develop long-standing relationships, repeat business, excellent standards and great value.

Gallaway Values

Established in 2002, our dedicated, loyal and growing team has considerable experience across various construction disciplines. This includes our full complement of design professionals, coordinators and Project Managers to enable us to offer high-quality Design & Build services and more traditional project solutions in all sectors.

We are highly experienced in new build projects and complex extension and refurbishment services.

Preston Tunnels
Image of Bolton Skylink.

Respect and Integrity

  • Working with and maintaining good working relationships with our clients and fully listening to and understanding their differing needs and gaining understanding.
  • Respecting the varied background, experiences, styles and ideas of individuals we interact with.


  • Be prepared to learn from anyone, and accept change and continuous improvement open-mindedly.
  • Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements as a minimum.
  • Seek and provide honest and timely feedback.


  • Take personal responsibility for our actions and follow them through to completion.
  • Working with a solutions-focused mindset, involving all those affected by the decision.
  • Committing to decisions once they have been made.
  • Honour commitments made to others.
  • Embrace the belief that all injuries are preventable and that achieving a healthy and safe environment is down to us all.


  • Strive to continuously simplify and improve processes and procedures.
  • Adopting an accommodating and fair approach both towards our clients and staff, and dealing with people and issues in a timely, direct and open manner.
  • Recognising the business and local community we are a part of, and contributing in a positive way.

Passionate About our Business

  • Promote our mission by excelling in designing, managing and constructing buildings that are genuinely tailored to our customer’s key requirements.
  • Value and promote our reputation, showing pride, quality and professionalism in our delivery.
  • Promote a positive, challenging and supportive working environment.


  • Recognising and rewarding excellent performance so making people feel valued.
  • Assisting our team to grow and give their best, ensuring that the right training, feedback and support is given.
  • Just do it!

Our Reputation

Working on repeat business from a series of regular clients, we focus on a proactive approach to the build process, emphasising integration within our client’s build team. We are committed to getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Clients We Have Worked With

Gallaway Construction Policies

In addition to our numerous policies and robust systems and procedures, below is an example of some of our policies.

Anti bribery policy

Code of Conduct

Corporate social responsibility policy

Environmental policy

Equality & Diversity Policy

Job Applicant GDPR

Modern slavery policy

Quality policy

Health & Safety Policy